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NYC Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Wolfeld Describes the Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has a reputation for being superficial and unnecessary. Dr. Wolfeld, a cosmetic surgeon in NYC, puts this misperception to rest. In this questionnaire, Dr. Wolfeld describes his interests in the field, his reasons for becoming a plastic surgeon, and the benefits his patients receive from cosmetic surgery.

Q.) Why did you decide to specialize in cosmetic surgery?

A.) I decided to go into this field because I feel I am a creative person by nature and I like to provide my patients with what they desire when the goals are realistic, whether the end result is reconstructive or cosmetic. I also appreciate that there are a myriad of options available to obtain the desired result and I like to be innovative in my approach to provide an individualized and positive outcome for each patient.

Q.) What interests you most about cosmetic surgery?

A.) The most interesting part of cosmetic surgery is being able to join the complexity of my patient’s personal aesthetic goals with a realistic surgical option that results in pride and self-confidence. Patient interaction and counseling about their options coupled with an outcome based on satisfaction is also a driving force in my practice.

Q.) What would you say is the main reason that people elect to undergo cosmetic surgery?

A.) People come to me seeking cosmetic surgery based on various perceptions of themselves. It is my goal to help them to surgically reconcile those perceptions with a feasible outcome that results in positivity in all aspects of their lives.

Q.)What is the number one benefit that patients report back after surgery?

A.) Confidence. Being able to live their life fully without fear of being judged for what they presumed was their deficit.

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