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Are looking for an excellent cosmetic plastic surgeon or hair transplant specialist near New York City's Upper East Side or Midtown Manhattan?

Dr. Wolfeld is accepting new patients and is available to meet with you to discuss your individual desires and needs.

As a top plastic surgeon in NYC. Dr. Wolfeld will thoroughly discuss your aesthetic interests and help guide you as you consider all of your surgical and non-surgical aesthetic options. Dr. Wolfeld's thorough consult and advanced aesthetic procedures offered will enable you to make the most informed decision about your individual approach.

Our offices offer an environment of privacy and comfort. Simply contact us at one of our convenient locations listed below via phone or reach out to us for an appointment. We'll set up your appointment to get you started on your journey of self improvement and age maintenance.

We know how important it is for you to find the best cosmetic surgeon in NYC. We are dedicated to making your entire cosmetic surgery experience one that is pleasant, positive and productive!

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