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New York City Cosmetic Surgeon Answers Your Questions

I am interested in cosmetic surgery. What should I do first?

The first step is to make an appointment for a consultation and to ask questions. You will have all of your questions answered by Dr. Wolfeld and he will discuss the optimal procedure that will improve your appearance. He will review the risks and benefits of the procedures that interest you and tailor an individualized approach to achieve the results you desire.

What are the different types of cosmetic surgery procedure that Dr. Wolfeld performs as a cosmetic surgeon in Manhattan and Hackensack?

As a cosmetic surgeon in NYC, Dr. Wolfeld performs a full spectrum of cosmetic surgery, from facial procedures, such as facelifts, neck lifts, and eyelid tucks to breast and body procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation, breast lift, and tummy tucks. Minimally invasive procedures such as botox and fillers are also popular and can be performed in the office setting.

After a cosmetic procedure, what level of care should a patient expect at Dr. Wolfeld’s New York City facility?

As a patient of Dr. Wolfeld, you can be assured that you will be cared for at all times following a cosmetic procedure. You will always have specific instructions to follow after a procedure, and you will be able to contact Dr. Wolfeld at any time, day or night, for any questions or concerns. You will see Dr. Wolfeld either the day after your surgery, or within the first several days, and from there you will be seen regularly to ensure proper post-operative healing and to make sure all your questions will be answered.

Being a NYC resident, how accessible is cosmetic surgeon Dr. Wolfeld to his patients?

Dr. Wolfeld is always available to discuss any questions or concerns that may arise. An appointment can easily be scheduled or you may call Dr. Wolfeld at any time to discuss your cosmetic procedure. You will always feel cared for and comfortable in the care of Dr. Wolfeld and his staff.

How is Dr. Wolfeld’s approach to plastic surgery unique?

Dr. Wolfeld’s bedside manner, lengthy detailed consultations, and operative results are the reasons that his patients repeatedly refer him to their family and friends. Our office will provide you with exceptional professionalism and the highest quality of patient care and safety.

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