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Plastic Cosmetic Surgeon NJ Dr. Michael WolfeldPracticing Plastic Surgery in New Jersey

Why did you decide to become a plastic surgeon in NJ?

I decided to become a plastic surgeon in NJ because I believe that even the smallest improvement in your appearance can change your outlook on life. I also believe that when you look beautiful on the outside, you feel strong, confident and beautiful on the inside.

As a plastic surgeon in NJ, what kind of services do you offer?

As a plastic surgeon in NJ, I offer a full range of cosmetic surgery procedures from facial aesthetic procedures such as a facelift, Lips enhancement, neck lifts, and eyelid rejuvenation to breast and body surgery such as a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation and breast lifts. I also offer the full spectrum of skin rejuvenation non-surgical procedures such as Botox, fat transfer, and fillers.

What makes your NJ cosmetic surgery practice different from other practices in the NJ area?

My NJ practice is centered on the patient. Our staff makes you feel comfortable and well-cared for from the initial visit being confident that you are being left at the capable hands of an exceptional plastic surgeon. NJ patients will get the same attention and care as my patients in any of my other location in NYC. I take the time to make sure that you are provided with detailed information in order to help you understand everything about a given procedure. I am also available to answer your questions before and after your surgery.

Is there any particular procedure that you perform that you find especially interesting/intriguing?

My patients that have undergone tummy tucks (abdominoplasty) have had dramatic improvements in their appearance. These were people who were embarrassed to go out in a bathing suit before the surgery. Following the procedure these same patients were then comfortable and confident wearing a bathing suit in public. It is truly rewarding to make this kind of difference in a patient’s outlook and self-confidence.

What can you tell us about the staff in your NJ practice?

The staff in my NJ office will always be available to answer all your questions and make sure that you feel comfortable throughout your visit and the entire surgical process. They are warm and receptive and you will undoubtedly feel at ease with the staff in my NJ practice.