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"Like most women (when gravity gets us) I looked in the mirror, placed my hands on both sides of my face and "pushed" up into my hairline, instant magic! When I consulted Dr. Wolfeld, who was highly recommended by friends, he immediately saw and understood the corrections I hoped he would achieve.  Most importantly, he assured me that I would not have the "wind tunnel" effect like some celebrities we often see on TV.  Well, Dr. Wolfeld did accomplish what I had hoped for and because of this surgical skill and fine aesthetic sense I am pretty again and look youthfully refreshed.  I am immensely grateful."

-B.E.  (Facelift

“Dr. Wolfeld is awesome! He is everything you want in a plastic surgeon in Manhattan; kind, caring, professional and knowledgeable. He treats each patient as if they were his only one.  Even when his waiting room is full, you never feel rushed and always know that you have his undivided attention.  As a medical professional who has been working for the past 30 years, it is refreshing to have been treated by a doctor who is so dedicated and committed to his craft.  He is certainly an asset to his field and will undoubtedly have many more satisfied patients.”

-R.D.  (Abdominoplasty, tummy tuck

“He gave me the relief and trust I needed to go on with the surgery.  Today I am very happy with the results and how I see myself in the mirror.  I honestly would recommend cosmetic surgeon in NYC, NY Doctor Wolfeld as a surgeon.  He was not only a great surgeon but a very attentive doctor that cared for me after the surgery.  I’m very happy to be Dr. Wolfeld’s patient.”

-M.C. (Facelift


“Since the first time when I went to see Dr. Wolfeld for my first evaluation for the surgery, he was very thorough and professional.  He took the time to explain to me all the steps for the procedure.  He took the time to find out first why did I want to have the surgery, then he made sure that I was in physical condition prior to scheduling the surgery.  He made me feel confident about having the surgery.  He also explained to me the duration of the recovery process.  The day of the surgery I went to the hospital knowing that everything was going to be alright.  I will recommend Dr. Wolfeld to anybody who wants to have a procedure.  Dr. Wolfeld is caring and supportive pre and post surgery.”

-E.M.  (Rhinoplasty


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