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Upper Body Lift by Dr. Wolfeld New York City

An upper body lift simultaneously addresses skin laxity and sagging of the arms, axilla (armpit), side of chest, back, and breast. Dr Wolfeld performs an upper body lift on patients who will need more than one region of their upper body addressed.  Dr. Wolfeld recognizes that patients with one area of skin laxity usually have adjoining areas which are also in need of tightening and toning.

After major weight loss, hanging skin can make it difficult to maintain good hygiene, deal with uncomfortable chafing, find clothing that fits well, and to perform normal activities such as sitting down or standing up.  Upper body lift surgery deals with full-scale upper body areas to eliminate excess, saggy skin and to lift and sculpt those areas. In an upper body lift, Dr. Wolfeld will give you the youthful arms you have desired with an arm lift while lifting and contouring the breasts using a breast lift. The back can be lifted and sculpted to remove rolls and achieve the desired contour.  You are a good candidate for this procedure with Dr. Wolfeld if you are unhappy with excess rolls of fat and skin bulging outside of your bra strap on your back and you wish to have a flat, toned, youthful appearing back.

During your consultation, Dr. Wolfeld will explain all the possibilities that surgery can provide, and he will tailor the surgical plan to your individual needs and goals.  While all surgery has scars, Dr. Wolfeld will artistically make the incisions as inconspicuous as possible. 

Depending on the extent of surgical procedures performed, the recovery time will vary.  Dr. Wolfeld will discuss every detail with you during your consultation.  Both before and after your surgical procedure you will be able to contact and speak with Dr. Wolfeld at any time. 

To schedule a private consultation with Dr. Wolfeld and discuss this procedure, please call 212-281-1000.

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