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Breast Lift Surgery New York City

The aging process can take a toll on the breasts as the skin loses elasticity, causing the breasts to droop or sag. The loss of elasticity results in breasts that are less able to resist the effects of pregnancy, nursing, and gravity. A breast lift (mastopexy) with Dr. Wolfeld may be beneficial to raise and reshape sagging breasts, removing excess skin and tightening tissue giving you perky, youthful breasts.  Breast lift surgery may also be combined with breast implants for a fuller appearance. Today’s breast implants need not appear artificial; the variety of sizes and shapes available ensures that all patients can achieve natural looks. A breast lift can also reduce the size of an enlarged, stretched areola (the dark pigmented skin around the nipple).  Dr. Wolfeld will discuss all of your breast lift options in detail during your consultation.

The specific mastopexy technique used will be based on an individual evaluation, but generally two incisions are made: one around the areola and one that runs vertically from the bottom edge of the areola to the crease under the breast. Sometimes a third that runs horizontal beneath the breast along the crease is needed.  The scars fade with time and are easily concealed by a normal bra. Since they are around and, occasionally, below the nipples, they should not be noticeable even in low cut clothing or a bathing suit.

Once the excess skin is removed, the nipple, areola, and breast tissue are lifted up to a more youthful, natural position and the remaining skin aligned to reshape the breast.  The skin is reshaped to conform to each breast’s new, taut contour and sutured in place. After a breast lift, you will feel younger and more attractive. One important reason for the enhanced self-image is the fact that clothes fit much better when the breasts are lifted and full.

After the surgery, you will wear a surgical bra over your dressings. There may be some swelling or bruising, but any discomfort rarely lasts more than a day or two. Most patients resume most normal activities within days after the procedure and fully resume their regular schedule within a month.  Dr. Wolfeld will be with you for every step during your recovery, and you will be able to contact him at any time for any reason.

Afterward, many women find their younger, healthier figures give them a renewed self-esteem and self-confidence.   If you are interested in discussing a breast lift procedure with Dr. Wolfeld, you may schedule a private consultation by calling 212-281-1000.  

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