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Losing volume within the face is one of the main factors in contributing to a person’s aging appearance.  Fat transfer is a revolutionary way of rejuvenating one’s face by adding volume through no incisions.  All that is needed most of the time are tiny needle holes to achieve the results.  Dr. Wolfeld uses fat transfer procedures to collect fat from one area of the body to enhance the appearance of another.

Like dermal fillers, fat injections can fill depressions that have appeared on the skin. Wrinkles, folds, smile lines, or sunken cheeks can be corrected, and the results are long lasting if not permanent. Dr. Wolfeld can use micro-fat injections to perform treatments that rejuvenate areas around the eyes by correcting hollowness, and to restore contour to the temples, cheeks, brow and jaw line.  Fat transfers can also be used for lip augmentation.  Since fat transfer uses your own fat cells, there is almost no risk of an allergic reaction.  Fat is first liposuctioned from your abdomen, thighs, buttocks or knees, then purified, and finally transferred to another area of your body. This type of procedure can be used to bring more youth to your eyes, plump up thinning lips, accentuate your jaw line, lift up your sagging cheeks and bring more youth to the area around your mouth.

Using a blunt hollow tube, called a cannula, a few teaspoons of fat are removed into several small syringes. This fat is then injected into the desired areas.  Most patients complain of mild discomfort during the procedure.  This discomfort typically lasts for only a few minutes and is well tolerated by nearly all. Most patients enjoy most of the benefits of fat transfer for six months or longer. With time, some of the transplanted fat may be degraded and "touch-up" procedures may be needed to maintain optimal results. Usually, there are permanent results seen.  Some swelling may be seen in the area in which the fat is injected. The swelling may last three days or longer and is usually most pronounced in treating lips. There may be some discomfort felt in the area in which the fat is taken from.  This discomfort is typically mild and easily relieved with Tylenol or a stronger pain medication.  One must refrain from any strenuous activity for at least one week after fat transfer.

Knowing what makes a face beautiful is essential in establishing the goals one strives for when approaching cosmetic procedures.  Having this knowledge can lead to more natural and more beautiful results.  Dr. Wolfeld can help patients achieve the younger, natural and livelier look they desire through fat transfers.  Additional procedures that may enhance the results of facial fat injections include Browlift, Eyelid Lift, Facelift, or Botox® .

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