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Laser Skin Tightening New York City

Laser skin tightening may be indicated if you are simply trying to overcome signs of ageing or if you want to get rid of some sagging skin that might be the result of weight loss.  The procedure of laser skin tightening consists of the outer layer of skin being cooled while the underlying layers are heated and thus tightened. This laser skin treatment process causes the formation of collagen which not only smoothes out the upper layer of skin but also creates a healthy softness and suppleness in the underlying layers.

This procedure is excellent for people who are starting to see saggy jowls or for those with loose sagging skin on the neck.  The laser skin tightening procedure takes about 45 minutes. You will generally not see results until the 2nd or 3rd treatment. The process of new collagen formation takes about six months, so the final results of the procedure will be realized six months after the completion of your treatment regimen.  Dr. Wolfeld recommends a series of 4-5 treatments to ensure good results.

The best candidate is someone with loose, thin skin around the jowls and neck. When you pinch the skin or feel the skin, the skin feels loose and does not bounce back too quickly. Usually patients age 40-55 are good candidates for this procedure.  Also, only minimally loose skin will benefit from laser skin tightening – if you have muscles which require tightening or an elevated amount of fat underneath the skin, you will unfortunately not benefit as much from this procedure as perhaps you would from a surgical procedure.  This procedure does not replace a facelift and is not recommended for someone in need of a facelift.

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